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Consortium Access Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

The Soteria Battery Innovation Group is dedicated to improving lithium-ion battery safety by whatever means possible. Accepting these Terms & Conditions gives access to the platform, participation in meetings, committees, and technology through technical support and samples. Certain activities are governed by the Soteria Leadership Council, composed of Gigawatt representatives.

Access Privileges

Access privileges based on the level of access chosen.

Intellectual Property

The Company executing these Terms & Conditions (“Company”) has the right to make and use products related to the Soteria Technology for research and development purposes and to subcontract testing and other development activities using Soteria Technology. The Company does not have the right to sell materials using Soteria Technology over a nominal annual quantity (currently $10,000).

The Company is not granting to Soteria any rights or title to potential improvements made through this research and development license. Other nondisclosure agreements, research contracts or joint development agreements, if any, will override and control with regards to jointly created intellectual property.

FRAND Licensing Terms

Soteria, in its role as licensor of Soteria Technology, shall offer global, non-exclusive commercial licenses of the Soteria Technology to make, use and sell materials incorporating the technology, and such licenses shall be pursuant to a separate license agreement generally on Fair, Reasonable, and Nondiscriminatory (FRAND) terms with low ongoing (not to exceed 2% of the value of the battery) royalty rates. The Company agrees that if it challenges the validity of any Soteria patent, Soteria may elect to terminate its Consortium access immediately. the Company further agrees not to commercialize products that embody the Soteria patents without obtaining commercial rights, which may be enacted by entering into a commercial license agreement or buying the materials, cells, packs or devices from a company that is listed on the Soteria website as having entered into a commercial license agreement.


The Company and Soteria grant to each other and to other companies with access the right to use written or graphic materials created in the course of access-related activities, including presentations at meetings, notes and other materials created in the course of committee participation, and other activities. For technical information marked confidential, this does not relieve the Company or Soteria of confidentiality obligations.


Soteria grants to the Company the right to use the Soteria Marks (1. “Soteria” word mark and 2. Soteria fuse-and-battery symbol on a blue background) only for purposes of indicating access. The Company grants to Soteria the right to use their company name and logo only for purposes of indicating the Company has access, as example on the Soteria BIG website. Company may limit the specific style of logo to be used. In no event may a party change and/or amend the name, logo or other trademarks, patents, products or product designs, company, business or trading names of the respective other party, or use for any other purpose.

The Soteria Leadership Council will set rules regarding use of the Soteria Marks with regard to the standards set by Soteria BIG, and the Company agrees to abide by these rules in using the Soteria Marks for any other purpose.


The Company must maintain an active NDA with Soteria to cover all Consortium-related content so long as the Company wishes to retain their Consortium Access.

Access Fees

The first access fee is due upon acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. Thereafter, the Company will be charged monthly or annually on the anniversary of joining. Upon payment, selected level of access will be provided, and the access fee is fully earned and non-refundable. Access to benefits will begin upon receipt of first payment. After the committed one year access, either party may terminate Access upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to the other party or as otherwise agreed between the parties.