A Pathway Towards the Batteries of the Future

Dates: Wednesday September 27, 2023, 10am EST

The state of the art of batteries is evolving faster than ever, not only regarding technology development but also in other areas such as materials, manufacturing, or digitalization. Hence, it is of paramount importance to keep a holistic view on this industry. CIDETEC Energy Storage is one of the leading battery R+D institutes in Europe. In this talk we will depict our offer to the industry covering the complete value chain “from powder to power” (materials-through-to-engineering), and how we work hand in hand with the leading battery actors worldwide to deliver value with maximum impact.

Speaker: Oscar Miguel, Deputy Director, CIDETEC Energy Storage

PhD in Chemistry, Oscar joined CIDETEC more than 20 years ago. His duties include customer relations, marketing and representing CIDETEC Energy Storage in stakeholder forums and events. He is particularly active in the so-called European batteries ecosystem, which offers an outstanding perspective of the main technological and policy trends. Today this R&D institute involves a multidisciplinary staff of +150 researchers in batteries, chemists, and engineers, with a wide range of customers from startups to large, leading corporations.